2018 - 2019 ABC Leadership



Chair: Travis Hull, Mechanical & Control Services, Inc.
Chair-Elect / Secretary: Jason Wandler, Oles Morrison Rinker & Baker
Immediate Past Chair: Mike Schultis, SSI Construction
Vice Chair Government Affairs: Josh Griesse, Washington Commercial Painters, Inc.  
Vice Chair Membership: Ryan Brown, System Mechanical and Safety Solutions
Vice Chair Professional Development: Dawn Lanz, SeaTac Electric
Vice Chair Leader Development: Tim Carpenter, VanWell Masonry
Treasurer: Marc Victor, Rafn Company
Mike Yore, Olympian Precast, Inc.
Adam DeBruler, Neeley Construction Company
Candi Pfluger, Peterson Sullivan, LLP
Doug Jones, Haggard Electrical Contractors
Stephanie Carlin, Propel Insurance
Glen Kuntz, Compass General Construction 

There are many new initiatives that have been started, and the Nominating Committee has always believed that having a strong, passionate leadership team is the best way to success. The Board agreed and approved the slate as proposed by the Nominating Committee at their meeting on April 25, 2018.

Those going off the board are:
Vaughan Seifert (Efinitytech) and Anthony Christoffersen (Tradesmen International). The board and leadership teams thank both of these members for their time, dedication and passion to ABC over their years of service.

Candidates nominated by the membership may be added to the above slate. If additional candidates are nominated and meet the bylaw qualifications, the expanded slate will be presented to the membership for an electronic vote on May 11. If there are no additional candidates added to the proposed slate, no membership vote need be taken. Members will be sent the final slate.


Any member may nominate any other member or nominate him/herself.  These nominees will be included on the ballot, provided that prior consent of the nominee has been obtained, five members in good standing sponsor the nominee, and the nominee meets all of the qualifications in the bylaws. Deadline for the nominations to be received is May 4. Contact Wendy Novak at (425) 646-8000, (800) 640-7789, or email wendy@abcwestwa.org to submit a candidate, for specific information on the bylaw requirement, or any questions about the nomination and election procedure.