About Us

We represent over 300 general contractors, subcontractors, suppliers and industry professionals, both union and open shop, who are united in the beliefs that:



  • Projects should be awarded to the lowest responsible bidder, or owner's contractor of choice, regardless of labor affiliation.
  • Union and open shop workers should be able to work side-by-side to provide the best project for the owner.
  • Workers should have the choice of whether they wish to join a union or not.
  • Workers should be rewarded on the basis of their individual skill and initiative.




Download ABC of Western Washington's 2021 Year in Review.

Associated Builders and Contractors of Western Washington advances the principles of free enterprise and merit in the construction industry and provides members, their employees and the construction industry with opportunities to succeed by promoting safe, quality, sustainable construction.


Associated Builders & Contractors of Western Washington is the premier construction association supporting freedom of economic opportunity through political influence, financial growth, and effective personal and professional growth, led by an involved membership. 

The 2017 Eagle of Excellence Award and Excellence in Mixed-use Construction Award went to Rafn Company for their AMLI Wallingford Apartments project.