ISSUE 1 (07/20/2011)
PLA Bans on State-Funded Work Now in 11 States, with Addition of Michigan and Maine (07/20/2011)

Summer Sounds can Damage Hearing (07/19/2011)

Construction Workplace Injuries Can Lead to Confusion for Workers (07/16/2011)

Worrying Increase in Fatal Accidents in the Construction Industry (07/15/2011)

Construction Materials Prices Slip 0.1 Percent in June (07/14/2011)

Global Trends in Road Construction and Demolition (07/14/2011)

Keeping Renovation on Schedule (07/13/2011)

In the Lab: VitroBricks (07/13/2011)

Davis-Bacon Exposed (07/13/2011)

Researchers Make Roads Without Gravel or Asphalt (07/12/2011)

Forklifts Go Green (07/11/2011)

Construction Spending Declines in May (07/11/2011)

Apartment Developers Bypass Suburbs, Target Seattle (07/10/2011)

U.S. Jobs Growth Stalls, Setting Back Recovery Hopes (07/08/2011)

Enhancing the Estimate (07/07/2011)

Recent NLRB Activity Stifles Job Creation (07/07/2011)

DPD Sees a Jump in Permint Applications (07/07/2011)

First BIM Lawsuit Shows the Importance of Project Communication (07/07/2011)

Total Construction Spending in May Continues to Drop; Public COmmercial Spending Sees Increase (07/05/2011)

USGBC Pilots Wood Certification Options (07/04/2011)

iPads Aid in Making Construction Efficient (07/02/2011)

More Trucks in WA Need USDOT Registration Number (07/01/2011)

Construction Spending Falls, Manufacturing Recovers in May (07/01/2011)

Jobsite123 Launches BizApps (06/30/2011)

Habitat for Humanity Builds First Energy Efficient Homes (06/30/2011)

Michigan and Maine Legislatures Pass PLA Bans (06/29/2011)

OSHA Launches Web Tool for Employer Recordkeeping Compliance (06/29/2011)

Summer Brings Cautions for Warm Weather Work and Other Hazards (06/21/2011)

New Washington Workers' Comp Bill Creates Program for Injured Employees (06/20/2011)

Hottest Multifamily Markets for 2011 (06/20/2011)

Making Wellness Programs Work Well (06/20/2011)

JPMorgan Chase: We're Lending More, But Not Enought to Brag About (06/16/2011)

CM Students at CWU Get a Living Lab (06/16/2011)

Teen Safety Program Takes Speaker on the Road (06/16/2011)

Historic Workers' Compensation Bill Signed Today (06/15/2011)

Going Green, Is it Really Even an Option Anymore? (06/15/2011)

Rising Cost of Construction Materials Puts Contractors in a Bind (06/15/2011)

Inspect2GO Releases Mobile App Checklist Technology for Regulatory and Safety Inspections Using iPhone, iPad and Android (06/14/2011)

Is LEED the Gold Standard in Green? (06/13/2011)

Construction Recovery May be Two Years Away (06/11/2011)

Field Inspector Certification Workshop - Discounts for ABC Members (06/09/2011)
Rules Sought for Safer Table Saws (05/26/2011)

About 10 people lose a finger or mangle a hand in a table saw each day. And for years, there's been a technology to prevent those injuries — leading consumer advocates to demand that Washington fast-track new rules to make table saws safer.

Western Washington Chapter Receives Top Grassroots Award (06/09/2011)

NAIOP Roundtable: Effectively Building & Marketing Sustainable Development Projects (06/09/2011)

OSHA's National Fit Testing Services to Expand In-Service Training Program (06/09/2011)

No End in Sight to Construction's Woes (06/09/2011)

Workplace Safety Conference Seeks Nominations for Livesaving Awards (06/07/2011)

Competitors Wanted for Annual Forklift Rodeo Competition (06/03/2011)

Contractor Works 1 Million Injury-Free Hours (06/02/2011)

Contractor Meeting on JBLM June 16 (06/01/2011)

ABC Member Details Union Pressure Tactics at House Hearing (06/01/2011)

Ahead of the Bell: Construction Spending (06/01/2011)

FMI Releases 2nd Quarter Nonresidential Construction Index (05/31/2011)

OSHA Announces Final Rule to Ease Employers' Burden (05/31/2011)

Solar Coating on Parking Lot Aims to Reduce Urban Heat-Island Effect (05/31/2011)

Unions Use U.S. Labor Board to Bully Employers, Lawyers Say (05/26/2011)

OSHA, NOAA Launch Outreach Campaign to Prevent Heat-Related Illnesses (05/26/2011)

Public Plaza Will be Center of Olympia Urban District (05/26/2011)

Seattle, Building Efficiency Hotbed (05/26/2011)

Stihl Recalls Yard Power Products due to Burn and Fire Hazards (05/25/2011)

Housing Market Reports Mixed in April: Outlook is for Slow Improvement (05/25/2011)

Cash Flow: The Lifeblood of a Contractor (05/19/2011)

Construction Backlog Grows 4 Percent in First Quarter of 2011 (05/19/2011)

Struggle for a Deal on Workers' Comp (05/19/2011)

Sharpening the Estimate (05/19/2011)

Sound Transit Says it has Learned From Past Mistakes in Tunnelling (05/18/2011)

Mobile Devices Critical to Construction (05/18/2011)

ABC Criticizes the Politicization of Federal Government Contracting (05/17/2011)

Enforcing the New Safety Crane Rule (05/16/2011)

OSHA Moves to Accept Comments on Musculoskeletal Proposed Rule (05/16/2011)

Insurance Companies Can Now File Proof of contractor Registration Online With L&I (05/12/2011)

Construction Materials Prices Rise 1.4 Percent in April (05/12/2011)

Building Materials Symposium at UW (05/12/2011)

Construction Unemployment Dips to 17.8 Percent in April (05/06/2011)

Quarterly Taxpayers Required to File and Pay Electronically (05/05/2011)

DPD Says Layoffs Slow Some Project Reviews (05/05/2011)

Financial Advice From Construction Technology Leaders (05/05/2011)

Lean, Green and Service-Oriented (05/05/2011)

SR 99 Reduced to Two Lanes in Sodo (05/03/2011)

Running in the Red: How the U.S., on the Road to Surplus, Detoured to Massive Debt (04/30/2011)

Business Roundtable Urges EPA to Stop Greenhouse Gas Rule (04/28/2011)

Setting Standards in BIM (04/28/2011)

Kansas Polymer Research Center Awaits Concrete Patent (04/27/2011)

Final EIS Next Up For I-5 Columbia River Bridge (04/27/2011)

Construction Materials Costs Being Dirven Up by Surging Freight Costs (04/26/2011)

Beyond Blueprints: 3-D Saves Time, Money (04/25/2011)

OSHA Changes Requirements for Outreach Training Programs (04/22/2011)

Portable Power: Power Struggle (04/22/2011)

Wastewater Innovation Doesn't Have to be Hidden From View (04/22/2011)

Construction Safety Day Set For May 4 in Enumclaw (04/21/2011)

McGuire Building Coming Down Soon (04/21/2011)

Construction Apprenticeship Programs Put Young Workers Ahead of the Game (04/21/2011)

ABC Launches Safety-Oriented Message Board (04/21/2011)

New Policy Memorandum for HUD Housing Projects (04/20/2011)

Putting a Tech Spin on HR (04/19/2011)

Rising Fuel Costs Spur Jump in Cost of Construction Materials (04/18/2011)

Businesses Fighting L&I Citation Must Now Fix Hazards During an Appeal (04/15/2011)

Taller Buildings for Pioneer Square (04/14/2011)

Benaroya Data Center is Certified LEED Gold (04/14/2011)

More Construction Opportunities at Lewis-McChord (04/11/2011)

Mar-Flex Developing Building Products Made From 100% Recycled Materials (04/11/2011)

West Coast Cities Look to Provide Safety from Tsunamis (04/09/2011)

Research will focus on 3D Printing of Buildings (04/09/2011)

Historic Seattle Gives 2011 Awards (04/06/2011)

Integrated Cloud Computing (04/06/2011)

Department of L&I Launches Consumer Awareness Campaign (04/06/2011)

Construction Jobs Recovery Lags in the West (04/04/2011)

A Resurgent US Economy with a More Favorable View of Alberta's Oil (04/04/2011)

Unemployment Rate Dips to 8.8 Per Cent in March (04/01/2011)

Construction Industry Continues to Struggle (04/01/2011)

Top 10 States for LEED Green Buildings (04/01/2011)

Construction Unemployment Edges Down to 20 Per Cent in March (04/01/2011)

Permits Decline, Except in Texas and Carolinas (03/31/2011)

RSMeans' Dollers-Per-Square-Foot Construction Costs: Four Public Sector Building Types (03/31/2011)

Obama Directs Purchase of Alternative Fuel Vehicles (03/30/2011)

IRS Issues Interim Guidance on Informational Reporting of Employer-Sponsored Health Coverage (03/29/2011)

Department of Revenue Warns of Telephone Scam (03/29/2011)

Environmentally Friendly Decking That Makes the Cut (03/28/2011)

Public Contracting Forum on March 30 (03/28/2011)

Consumer SPending and Profits to Suffer From Higher Oil and Gasoline Prices (03/25/2011)

Alaskan Way Viaduct Work Proceeds, Despite Seattle Mayor's Opposition (03/22/2011)

Supporting Native American Culture: ABC Partners with NAIOP on Daybreak Star Indian Cultural Center Community Enhancement Project (03/17/2011)

Geopolitical Uncertainties Hit Washington State Revenues (03/17/2011)

New-Home Construction Plunges 22/5% (03/17/2011)

Building Your Business in a Down Economy (03/16/2011)

Government-Mandated PLAs Violate Federal Law, ABC Tells Congress (03/16/2011)

Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Efforts (03/16/2011)

IRS Announces New Effort to Help Struggling Taxpayers get a Fresh Start: Major Changes made to Lien Process (03/14/2011)

Infrastructure Looms Large: A Competetive Marketplace Calls for Experience and Ingenuity (03/11/2011)

Every Step Counts in Successful Project Management (03/11/2011)

Stronger Private Sector Investment will Drive Capital Expenditure in 2011 (03/11/2011)

Two Dark Clouds Still Hang Over Construction Industry (03/11/2011)

Housing Recovery Still Not Sustained (03/08/2011)

Study: Global Construction Market will Surge Through 2020 (03/08/2011)

RSMeans Detects a Speed-Up in Construction Material Prices (03/07/2011)

Construction Adds Jobs in February, But Unemployment at 21.8 Percent (03/04/2011)

The Continuing Impact of the Pro-Labor Agenda on Open Shop Construction (03/04/2011)

Construction Spending Nears Decade Low (03/03/2011)

Hanford Demolition Spree Starts with a Bang (03/03/2011)

Upcoming Meetings of the WA ACI Chapter (03/03/2011)

Many Retailers Have Big Expansion Plans (03/02/2011)

ABC Opposes Proposal Requiring Employers to Post Biased List of Rights (03/02/2011)

Rail Deal Clears Grant for Washington State (02/28/2011)

Majority of US States Lost Construction Jobs in 2010 (02/28/2011)

Seattle City Council Overrides McGinn's Tunnel Veto (02/28/2011)

L&I Fines Puyallup Firm $437,300 in Asbestos Exposure Cases (02/25/2011)

Independent Contractor or Employee? (02/25/2011)

City Wins $11M in Federal Tax Credits (02/25/2011)

Clouds Save Construction IT Dollars (02/24/2011)
ABC Supports Blocking Funds for Projects Containing Davis-Bacon (02/23/2011)

ABC Feb. 17 supported Amendment 273, offered by Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa), to H.R. 1, the Full Year Continuing Appropriations Act for Fiscal Year 2011, which would block any funds made available under this act from being used to administer Davis-Bacon wage rates on any project or program.

Upcoming Economic Webcast: Construction, Time to Spring Forward? (02/18/2011)

Department of Labor & Industries to Upgrade the Prevailing Wage Intents and Affidavits System (02/17/2011)

New Regional Advocate for SBA Encourages Business Owners to Speak Up (02/17/2011)

Workplace Deaths Rise Across the State, Agriculture Tops the List (02/17/2011)

Construction Materials Prices Up for the Fourth Straight Month (02/16/2011)

Eight Tax Tips For Contractors (02/15/2011)

Federal Construction Book Release "Principles of Federal Construction" (02/14/2011)

Making LEED Greener (02/14/2011)

NAIOP Forecast Shows Industrial is Reviving (02/11/2011)

Seattle School's New Building is One of the World's Greenest (02/11/2011)

The "Accidental" Release: Pay Close Attention to Standard Lien Waivers (02/11/2011)

Managing Stormwater in the Northwest Conference: The Business Side of Regulation and Compliance (02/10/2011)

Past Performance Evaluations on Federal Construction Contracts (02/10/2011)

The Continuing Impact of the Pro-Labor Agenda on Open Shop Construction (02/10/2011)

Small Business Health Care Tax Credit Webinar (02/04/2011)

Construction Unemployment Jumps to 22.5 Percent in January (02/04/2011)

White House Proposes New Green Buildings Program (02/03/2011)

ABC Supports Job Creation During House Committee Hearing (02/02/2011)

Registration Open for 7th Annual Agriculture Safety Day (02/02/2011)

ABC Urges Members to Apply for Workforce Development Awards (02/02/2011)

Changes to ConsensusDOCS Improve Forms, Lawers Say (02/02/2011)

Non Construction Spending Dips in December 2010 (02/01/2011)

Fourth Quarter 2010 GDP: Non Residential Fixed Investment Ends Higher (01/28/2011)

Rezone could bring new life to South Downtown (01/28/2011)

Mike Uremovich: On Message for the Merit Shop (01/28/2011)

Workers' Compensation Insurance Premiums Increase by 12 Percent (01/28/2011)

OSHA Temporarily Withdraws Proposed Musculoskeletal Reporting Rule (01/26/2011)

DOL Ties H-2B Wages to Davis-Bacon Act (01/26/2011)

Construction Union Membership at Lowest Recorded Level (01/26/2011)

ABC Receives $90,000 Grant for Green Building Initiatives (01/26/2011)

ABC Challenges President to Fix Excessive Regulations (01/26/2011)

Bond Required Construction: The Strongest Niche for 2011 (01/25/2011)

ASTM Releases New Standard for Productivity Measurement (01/21/2011)

Contractors Play a Big Role in LEED Certification (01/21/2011)

Workers' Compensation Injuries: Employers' Best Practices (01/21/2011)

Wireless Energy Management Systems Build Bottom Lines (01/21/2011)

ULI Expert Says in Developing Housing, One Size Won't Fit All (01/21/2011)

ABC and ICBA Urge Congress to Ease Regulations on Small Business Lending (01/21/2011)

Elimating Paper in the Field (01/21/2011)

Solar Inverters Recall (01/20/2011)

NLRB Threatens to Sue States for Protecting Secret Ballot Union Elections (01/19/2011)

ABC Supports Repeal of Health Care Reform Bill (01/19/2011)

OSHA Withdraws Proposed Interpretation Related to Occupational Noise (01/19/2011)

USCIS Releases Updated Form I-9 Handbook (01/19/2011)

L&I's Fraud-Fighting Program Collects $137 Million (01/18/2011)

Construction Materials Prices Higher in December 2010 (01/13/2011)

DOL Agendas Include Independent Contractors and Affirmative Action (01/12/2011)

ABC Highlights Need for Regulatory Reform in Letter to House Committee (01/12/2011)

Construction Unemployment Hits 20.7 Percent in December 2010 (01/07/2011)

House Will Schedule Early January Vote on Health Care Repeal (01/06/2011)

Company Claims New Materials Lift Saves Money (01/06/2011)

ABC Wins Another Challenge Against Government-Mandated Project Labor Agreements on Federal Construction Projects (01/06/2011)

OSHA and ETA Release Regulatory Agendas for 2011 (01/05/2011)

NLRB Issues Proposed Rule on Labor Rights Notice (01/05/2011)

ABC’s EdCon & Expo Offers Everything Construction Under One Roof (01/05/2011)

ABC Urges Members to Apply for Workforce Development Awards (01/05/2011)

ABC Electrical and Mechanical Project Management Institutes at Purdue University (01/05/2011)

Payroll Tax Cut to Boost Take-Home Pay for Most Workers (01/03/2011)

Private Nonresidential Construction Spending Slips in November 2010 (01/03/2011)

The Blue Book of Building & Construction

The Blue Book of Building & Construction

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