State Political Action Committee

State Political Action Committee

What is a "PAC"?

Associated Builders and Contractors of Western Washington's State Political Action Committee provides members the opportunity to raise personal or corporate funds in order to influence elections and legislation.

Why do we need a PAC? 

As members of the construction industry, our Government Affairs Council (GA) supports candidates who understand what tax burdens and regulations do to small businesses, and who believe in the opportunity for businesses to hire more employees and grow the economy.  

This process weighs heavily on our council as we decide who to endorse and how to best spend our PAC dollars. We evaluate candidate each candidates voting record and completed candidate questionnaires, which makes us confident that we are doing everything within our power to defend your business and your right to a fair shot. 

Merit Shop Wins

ABC PAC made enormous strides in the battle for merit in the construction industry during the 2014 election and further protected a competitive, free enterprise system in order to stimulate economic growth and job creation.

We are proud of our role in ensuring that our state doesn't get more difficult to do business in than it already is. With your help we will be able to continue this momentum into the critical 2016 elections.

Erin VerHoeven (Corstone Contractors) and John Koster (R-Lake Stevens)

Pat Oda (Neeley Construction Company) and Joyce McDonald (R - Puyallup)