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Obamacare: Repeal, Replace, or Repair?

The Trump administration and the Republican controlled congress have been behind closed doors for weeks now trying to figure out how to live up to their campaign promises of scrapping the Affordable Care Act. Like so many things in the healthcare system, the multiple layers of regulations and intertwined financial components of the Affordable Care Act make tackling the 1,000 plus page law a daunting task. 
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Taking Ownership of Your Company's Healthcare is Now More Important Than Ever

We all know the famous saying: “the only thing constant is change.” Now that we are settling into 2017, it seems change is all around us. This certainly holds true in the health insurance and healthcare world. 

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ABC of Western Washington's President and CEO Testifies in Support of SB 5168

President, Wendy Novak and ABC member and past Chair, Karen Say (Saybr Contractors, Inc.) testified in Olympia on Friday, January 27 in support of SB 5168 which prohibits the use of mandatory labor agreements. 
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You Helped Us Ace Our Annual Texas Hold'em Tournament!

Attendees put on their poker faces, battled to stay in the game, and raised funds to support free enterprise and open competition in our liveliest event yet! 
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Reminder: OSHA 300A Deadline February 1st!

February 1st is coming up, which is the day that employers must post their OSHA 300A. Completing an OSHA log is required by all employers that have at least 10 or more employees during the previous year. You must post your OSHA 300A Summary from the previous year (not the log) in a common area visible for all employees by the February 1st deadline and keep it posted until April 30th. 
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A Big Congratulations Goes to the ABC Fife Toastmasters Group

The ABC Fife Toastmasters group, officially named Leading with ABC, successfully chartered their club this fall. This means that they have become a full-fledged official Toastmasters club recognized by the international Toastmasters organization. 
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Cold Weather Injuries

As the weather in Washington turns colder, employers should
be aware of the dangers the cold temperatures can have on their employees. Cold
stress injuries occur when a person is exposed to extreme cold or have repeated
exposure freezing or near freezing conditions. 
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Job Site Security is a Crucial, Often Overlooked Investment

Job site security is a must in today’s fast-paced society. From the theft of equipment, copper, and personal tools, to vandalism and illegal entry, contractors are losing money. The answer is simple; job sites need to be kept secure at all times.
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Significant New Obama Regulations, Including Overtime, Are Blocked

After waking up to the news of a Trump victory, a number of clients have asked whether the long list of pending Obama regulatory labor and employment changes, which were assumed to be “safe” under the expected Clinton win, will be rescinded under a Trump administration. 
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L&I Expands Preferred Worker Program

For years, Labor and Industries (L&I) has run the Preferred Worker Program
which provided benefits to employers that hire injured workers. This program
has helped those with permanent restrictions obtain gainful employment without
discrimination because of their previous injury. 
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