Board of Directors 2017-2018

The Nominating Committee and Board of Directors are pleased to present you with a strong and dedicated team as your 2017-2018 Board of Directors. With many members focused on their businesses, we especially appreciate those who are taking leadership roles this coming year. We have many initiatives that we are focusing on this coming year that will bring us to new heights in workforce development, safety, membership growth, member services and more!


Mike Schultis, SSI Construction

Chair-Elect / Secretary
Travis Hull, Mechanical & Control Services, Inc.

Immediate Past Chair 
Jamie Creek, Rafn Company

Vice Chair-Government & Labor Affairs 
John Noble, Washington Commercial Painters, Inc.

Vice Chair-Membership 
Ryan Brown, System Mechanical and Safety Solutions

Vice Chair – Professional Development 
Jason Wandler, Oles, Morrison Rinker & Baker LLP

Vice Chair – Leader Development 
Tim Carpenter – VanWell Masonry

Jason Haggard


Mike Yore, Olympian Precast, Inc.
Adam DeBruler, Neeley Corporation                                       

Anthony Christoffersen, Tradesmen International

Candi Pfluger, Peterson Sullivan LLP

Doug Jones, Haggard Electric                          

Katy Browning, Redhawk Group 
Dawn Lanz, SeaTac Electric, Inc.

Stephanie Carlin, Propel Insurance                                          

Vaughan Seifert, Efinity Technologies

Members going off the 2016-2017 Board of Directors as of July 1, 2017 are Clarke Jewell (Olympian Precast) and Greg Tozer (Synergy Construction). We thank them for their dedication, commitment and contribution to ABC, the members and the industry. 

ABC is always looking for individuals who are interested in serving at a board level or a committee/council level. Last month the Nominating Committee put a call out to members for board nominations and we would like to remind all members they are encouraged to get involved and serve their industry.

If you have a question or would like to talk more about a position on the board or a committee/council please contact Wendy Novak, president, wendy@abcwestwa.org or 800.640.7789.

Thank you,

ABC Board of Directors