Rising Star Program

2019-20 Rising Stars
Tiffany Anderson, Compass General Construction
Christian Aown, Air Systems Engineering
Tiffany Bourboulis, Cornell Plumbing & Heating
Alex Crawford, Air Systems Engineering
Eddie Eccles, Trades Labor Corporation
Ginger Gegax, Saybr Contractors
Josh Hagen, Compass General Construction
Jay Hatch, Saybr Contractors
Tony Incrocci, ABC
Isac Lazaro, Compass General Construction
Richard Murphy, Trades Labor Corporation
Josh Orford, Sea-Aire, Inc.
Chris Ortiz, Farwest Tenant Improvement
Sebastian Perez, Compass General Construction
Stephanie Prosser, Prosser Construction
Emiliano Reyes-Alvarez, Compass General Construction
Marvin Seeberger, Air Systems Engineering
Levi Whitley, Air Systems Engineering

2018-19 Rising Stars
Janessa Bishop, Associated Builders and Contractors
Jered Cottell, Rafn Company
Emmanuel Diaz, Rafn Company
Kevin Fischer, VanWell Masonry
Ryan Gilchrist, Oles Morrison Rinker & Baker LLP
Nathan Heppenstall, Compass General Construction
Walter Hinman, VanWell Masonry
Crystal Jensen, Saybr Contractors
Andy Kaplowitz, Associated Builders and Contractors
Adrian Martinez, Mechanical & Control Services, Inc.
Aquiles Morales, AM Exteriors
Pete Nilsen, VanWell Masonry
Erin Pearce, Saybr Contractors
Matt Phillips, Mechanical & Control Services, Inc.
Alison Thilo, Construction Dispute Resolution

2017-18 Rising Stars
Dennis Aguilar, AM Contracting, LLC
Troy Bushmeyer, Compass General Construction
Travis Ferrell, VanWell Masonry
Kathryn Horwitz, Saybr Contractors, Inc.
Keegan Kutschia, Rafn Company
Jason Lange, AM Exteriors
Theodore Marx, Saybr Contractors, Inc.
John Merrill, Mechanical & Control Services
Sergio Osorio, VanWell Masonry
Daniel Radthorne, Oles Morrison Rinker & Baker LLP
Esteban Reyes, Compass General Construction
Krista Rongve, Olympian Precast, Inc.
Brady Rutherford, VanWell Masonry
David Rynearson, VanWell Masonry
Megan Smothers, Mechanical & Control Services

2016-17 Rising Stars
Andrew Bales, Electri-City Inc.
Jeremiah Brown, Marpac Construction
Cam Christensen, Olympian Precast
Adam DeBruler, Neeley Construction
Josh Dunham, Global Metal Works & Erectors
Derrick Eberle, Bruce Dees & Associates
Nathan Eisenhauer, Peterson Sullivan
Josh Griesse, Washington Commercial Painters
Matt Hancock, Global Metal Works & Erectors
Shaun Helm, Peterson Sullivan
Doug Jamieson, Olympian Precast
Jordan Korneliussen, Washington Commercial Painters
Rachel Lingard, Bruce Dees & Associates
Gerardo Martinez, VanWell Masonry
Doug Mitchell, VanWell Masonry
Taras Monich, VanWell Masonry
Art Salas, Rafn Company
Joey Smith, Marpac Construction
Thomas Spaulding, Spaulding Construction Consulting, LLC
Joe Whitfield, Redhawk Group

2015-16 Rising Stars
Justin Richardson, Electri-City Inc.
Bjorn Nalum, Electri-City Inc.
Tak Stoutah, Express Construction Co., Inc.
Kevin Kuntz, Express Construction Co., Inc.
Bryden Mathis, Express Construction Co., Inc.
James Lawrence, Global Metal Works & Erectors, LLC
Greg Moody, Global Metal Works & Erectors, LLC
Doug Jones, Haggard Electrial Contractors
Bill Derbes, Mechanical & Control Services
Jerry Michaelis, Mechanical & Control Services
Bryan Haithcox, Mechanical & Control Services
Eric Forner, Oles Morrison Rinker & Baker LLP
Qasim Gill, Olympian Precast Inc.
Mike Yore, Olympian Precast Inc.
Nicholas Bilotta, Peterson Sullivan LLP
Brian Perry, Peterson Sullivan LLP
Erin Nakasone, Peterson Sullivan LLP
Roberto Valtierra, VanWell Masonry
Omar Valtierra, VanWell Masonry
David Christensen, VanWell Masonry






The Path to Leadership

The Rising Star Program provides a focused track to develop and hone leadership skills, and empowers graduates with the tools necessary to become a better leader within their companies. The skills taught are ones that graduates will be able to use throughout their lives, both personally and professionally, and that may be passed on to their fellow employees.

We are bringing this program to Tacoma!

"After being a Project Manager/Estimator in the Construction Industry for 9 years the Rising Star Program helped to reinforce leadership skills I already had, and also taught me a lot of new leadership and communicative skills that I have been able to incorporate into my day to day work."

Mike Yore, 
Olympian Precast, Inc.

The Program Includes the Following:


  • Orientation & Meet & Greet: October 10, 2019 | 3:00 - 6:00 pm | Saybr Contractors’ Office, Tacoma
    All enrolled students will be invited to an orientation, where we will go over the course syllabus and the commitment required, and answer any questions about the program. Afterwards we will enjoy food and drinks while socializing with the course instructors and the ABC Board of Directors.
  • Team Building Event: Date and Location TBD
    Get to know your classmates! Includes a fun and interactive team building activity that will challenge and entertain you. 
  • Mid-Point Mixer: Date and Location TBD
    The class will plan and execute their own networking mixer at a location of their choice staying within a given budget.
  • Graduation Celebration: February 6, 2020 | 4 - 6 pm | Location TBD
    Celebrate your graduation by inviting your supervisor(s) to a social at a local pub. Class instructors and the ABC Board of Directors will also be invited.
  • The 11 Points of Leadership: Each class will run on Thursdays, from 3 to 6 pm at Saybr Contractors' office in Tacoma. (Dates subject to change depending on speakers’ schedules.)
    • October 24, 2019: Intro to ABC: Government Affairs 101
    • November 7, 2019: The 1-Minute Manager & Knowing & Using Resources
    • November 21, 2019: Communicating & Understanding Skills
    • December 5, 2019: Planning & Controlling the Group/Team
    • December 12, 2019: Effective Teaching & Representing the Group
    • January 9, 2020: Evaluating & Sharing Leadership
    • January 23, 2020: Counseling & Setting the Example


  • Mentorship: As part of the Rising Star program, you have the option of being paired with a mentor to act as a resource.
  • Community Service: Give back to the community and put your leadership skills to the test! The Rising Stars will select one or multiple community service project(s) to coordinate and complete by the end of the series.

    ABC is Offering Two Diversity Scholarships for the 2019 Rising Star Program!
    Each scholarship is for any individual who meets the requirement of a diverse background (woman, minority, disadvantaged, and/or disabled) and who works for an ABC member company. Please see application form on back to apply.

    Pricing: $499 Per Person 
Contact Victoria Klyce at 800.640.7789 if you have any questions about this program.
Download the 2019-20 Rising Star Program application here.

Our Instructors:
Travis Hull, Mechanical & Control Services, Inc
Jason Wandler, Oles Morrison Rinker & Baker LLP
Eric Forner, Oles Morrison Rinker & Baker LLP
Amanda Grindle, Saybr Contractors
Kathryn Horwitz, Saybr Contractors

Nick Bilotta, Starbucks
Brian Perry, Clifton Larson Allen
Josh Griesse, Washington Commercial Painters
John Merrill, Mechanical & Control Services

Ryan Gilchrist, Oles Morrison Rinker & Baker LLP