Community Partners

Weld WorksBorn and built in Seattle, Weld Works is an innovative staffing organization effectively serving the construction, manufacturing, & retail industries with purpose and heart. We bring together companies hiring in construction, clean-up, and general labor with a pool of individuals interested and ready to work to get the job done. Our unique program connects people in transition to a path to dignified, long-term employment. At the same time, we’re helping to meet our booming city’s labor needs. Our mission is to lift up our community through a larger, stronger, and more diverse workforce.

Since breaking ground in 2019, we’ve already made a difference.

  • Nearly 6 out of 10 people within our program are placed into permanent positions.
  • We’ve earned our business community’s trust, through high standards and excellent customer service.
  • We stand behind our labor team with peer support, training, transportation, and other resources for their long-term success.

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WPCABC is happy to partner with Washington Policy Center (WPC) and support their work on construction and labor-related issues. Over the past year, WPC wrote extensively about the unfair construction COVID-19 shutdowns COVID and advocated for all construction, regardless of public, private, or projects deemed essential. WPC also held state government accountable through public records requests, exposing the lack of thought and planning in the construction lockdown mandates, and the deliberate and arbitrary distinction that was drawn between public and private construction companies.  In addition, their research demonstrated the need for tax cuts and state program reforms including workers’ compensation and unemployment insurance.

Washington Policy Center is an independent, non-profit think tank that promotes sound public policy based on free-market solutions. Headquartered in Seattle with satellite offices and full-time staff in Olympia and Eastern Washington, WPC publishes studies, sponsors events and conferences and educates citizens on the vital public policy issues facing our region.  

Washington Policy Center focuses on eight core areas of public policy:

WPC operates, the premier website for tracking bills in Olympia, finding objective, plain-English summaries of legislation, and offering quick access to your legislators' voting records.

WPC invites ABC members to attend a variety of informative events such as the Solutions Summit, Young Professional events, and the Annual Dinner.

Washington Policy Center will be speaking at ABC’s Political Action Eventon September 14th. Contact Sophia Steele, ABC government affairs manager with questions or to register email Sophia at [email protected] or call 800.640.7789. 

Community PartnersWhen Renton Technical College Foundation Board member Stan Kawamoto invited Associated Builders and Contractors of Western Washington President and CEO, Wendy Novak to a Student Success Breakfast on campus, she immediately wanted to support students.

 “After hearing the student stories, I was hooked and wanted ABC to partner with the RTC Foundation. Seeing how the students wanted to better their lives and their commitment to their education, despite tremendous obstacles, was impressive,” Novak shared.

Since spring 2018 ABC of Western Washington has sponsored a generous scholarship for students in the RTC’s construction program providing over $17,000 to 23 students. Those students have gone on to either continue their training or graduate into great construction and management jobs.

“The top challenge for the construction industry is getting more people into the trades which is why technical colleges like RTC are so important,” Novak said.

“ABC’s scholarship and engagement with the college is a great example of how partnerships create winners all around,” said Carrie Shaw, Executive Director of the RTC Foundation, “The students win with the resources they need to stay in school and complete their training. The construction industry wins with added talent and a growing workforce pipeline, and our communities win when people land great paying jobs and careers.”

Kawamoto and Shaw also applaud ABC and Novak’s leadership as “walking the talk.” “Their passion for workforce development is evident, and they back up that passion with practical resources and mentoring opportunities for students and workers. RTC serves one of the state’s most diverse student populations, and Wendy’s ‘Cinderella’ success story I think resonates with students, especially women seeking careers in construction,” said Shaw.

 In addition to scholarships through the RTC Foundation, ABC hosts a student chapter on campus, and Construction Management instructor, Jeffrey Pulliam, has been a facilitator for the Construction Business School a 10 week program working with minority contractors to help build their businesses.

 “ABC of Western Washington leadership understands that a healthy workforce pipeline is about building relationships. It’s why we consider ABC to be one of the Foundation’s strongest partnerships,” Shaw said.

Community Partners 2The Construction Center of Excellence (CCE) is one of eleven Washington Centers of Excellence that are funded out of state statute (HB1323). They represent the Washington community and technical college system by partnering with business, industry, and labor sectors to identify workforce needs and provide resources. The Center is a convener of education and industry subject matter experts who identify critical knowledge, skills and abilities for existing and emerging occupations. These activities ensure students are career ready, helping Washington state maintain its competitive workforce advantage.

Through a robust website, CCE provides resources for advancing education and workforce:

Core Focus Areas:

  • Economic Development Focus: Serve as partners with various state and local agencies, regional, national, and global organizations to support economic vitality and competitiveness in Washington’s driver industries.
  • Industry Sector Strategy Focus: Collaboratively build, expand and leverage industry, labor and community and technical college partnerships to support and promote responsive, rigorous, and relevant workforce education and training.
  • Education, Innovation and Efficiency Focus: Leverage resources and educational partnerships to create efficiencies and support development of curriculum and innovative delivery of educational strategies to build a diverse and competitive workforce.
  • Workforce Supply/Demand Focus: Research, analyze and disseminate information related to training capacity, skill gaps, trends, and best practices within each industry sector to support a viable new and incumbent workforce.

We are pleased to be a member of the Workforce Development Committee and support the work of ABC. Wendy Novak represents ABC as a member of the Construction Center of Excellence Advisory Board.

To learn more, contact Christina Rupp, Director of the Construction Center of Excellence, at [email protected].