Safety Alliance

ABC Safety Alliance

Be one of the elite contractors in Washington State!  

Faber ConstructionABC of Western Washington members who participate in the ABC Safety Alliance program are some of the safest contractors in Washington.

ABC of Western Washington’s Safety Alliance Program was developed by ABC’s Safety Committee to recognize member companies that want to take their safety programs to the highest tier of safety, and then have them validated by a certified safety consultant. 

Here are just a few reasons why members participate year-after-year in this Dept. of L&I recognized program:

  • Save time when L&I visits a jobsite as a focused inspection may be conducted as opposed to a full inspection. 
  • Third-party verification and review of their safety program, enabling companies to address any areas that may need improving. 
  • ABC Safety Alliance participants are able to market their company’s safe work standards in bid packets, award presentations, plus are recognized at ABC's Excellence in Construction & Safety Awards. 
  • Qualifying members will be listed with the Dept. of L&I as a current year Safety Alliance participant, listed on the ABC website and quarterly Safety Newsletter. 
  • Participants will receive a framed certificate for their office, hard hat and jobsite stickers along with an electronic copy of the Safety Alliance logo to be used on website and/or marketing materials.

The ABC Safety Committee took the Safety Alliance program to Michael Wood, senior program manager WISHA Policy & Technical Services and Mel James, program manager of WISHA Consultation and Compliance for their review. After reviewing the program, Michael Wood wrote in part, “Both Mel and I were impressed not only with the overall quality of the materials you have prepared, but also with the ABC’s commitment to ensuring that the program truly realizes its goal of becoming and remaining a positive force in the workplace. I would encourage your member employers to take advantage of the opportunity to test their health and safety efforts by pursuing ABC Safety Alliance membership”.

Those who qualify for STEP Gold may pre-qualify for Safety Alliance. If you have any questions please call (425) 646-8000 or email our safety department at [email protected].