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State Political Action Committee


What is a "PAC"?

Associated Builders and Contractors of Western Washington's State Political Action Committee (PAC) provides members the opportunity to contribute personal or corporate funds with the intent to influence state elections.

Why do we need a PAC? 

As members of the construction industry, our Government Affairs Council (GAC) supports candidates who understand what tax burdens and regulations do to small businesses, and who believe in the opportunity for businesses to hire more employees and grow the economy.  

This process is a strong focus for GAC we determine who to endorse and how to best spend our PAC dollars. GAC will evaluate candidates through a candidate questionnaire, or their previous voting record, these tools and others guide our decision making process.


Advancing the Merit Shop

As you are aware, Washington State politics has a history of supporting policies and regulations that adversely impact merit shop companies. As we engage in the 2022 election cycle, ABC is focused on shifting this reality. We are committed to working with our strategic partners and other industry stakeholders who share our frustration and are seeking change.

In fact, you may be pleased to know during the 2022 Washington Legislative session, ABC advocated on behalf of electrical contractors and the looming 2023 law change for 01 electrical apprentices. After many ABC members engaged during this process by testifying and completing ABC action alerts, the legislation we were trying to stop, failed and was not signed into law. The elected officials that heard our members concerns are the type of representatives ABC will continue to support, especially during campaign season.

If you have questions about ABC PAC, please contact ABC President/CEO, Wendy Novak at [email protected].


WIlcox visit

From Left: Sophia Steel (ABC), Josh Griesse (Washington Commercial Painters), Rep. J.T. Wilcox (R-Yelm), Joan Baldwin, Wendy Novack (ABC).


Pat Oda (Neeley Construction Company) and Joyce McDonald (R - Puyallup)