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ABC Job Site Safety Resources For Essential Projects and Re-Opened Jobsites


ABC of Western Washington’s updated COVID-19 Exposure Control Plan Template is the byproduct of a thoughtful and deliberate collaboration between construction industry stakeholders (trade associations and trade unions) and the Office of the Governor for the State of Washington. The response plan addresses all points necessary to allow ABC member companies to fully comply with requirements to safely return to work for Existing Projects.

Please note that the definition of an Existing Project may vary by jurisdiction. It is incumbent upon General Contractors and Subcontractors to confirm, in writing, with the local jurisdiction that work may resume under Phase 1 of the Governor’s return to work addendum to the original Proclamation. You can also download FAQs on the Governors April 29, 2020, memo regarding existing construction. 

Construction activity will be monitored by:

  • first responders
  • inspectors from State, County, and Municipal DOH, Labor & Industries, and County and Municipal Permitting departments
  • Trade union representatives
  • Trade associations, including their safety training partners and Third Party Administrators
  • the media, and of course, the general public

There is an expectation of full compliance, and decisions about future expansion of permissible work projects will hinge upon our success in achieving this. Future expansion of permissible work projects relies upon full compliance with COVID-19 policies along with increased and enhanced standard safety protocols at every project. We are here to support you to achieve that, and will provide additional updates as things progress.

We urge our members to adhere to all COVID-19 health and safety guidelines that have been issued by the CDC and the Washington State Department of Health.

COVID-19 Jobsite Exposure Control Plan Template and Poster


  • ABC of Western Washington created a COVID-19 Exposure Control Plan template that will allow you to maintain high safety standards on essential projects and give guidance to projects that will resume once the Stay Home, Stay Healthy order is lifted. Questions? Please contact Tony Incrocci, ABC's safety manager.
  • ABC Safety Poster and plan for onsite communication. 

ABC Open Job Site Safety Tools, Posters, and Templates 


PPE, Worksite, and Sanitation Practices for Essential Projects:



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