Community Partners

The Construction Center of Excellence (CCE) is one of eleven Washington Centers of Excellence that are funded out of state statute (HB1323). They represent the Washington community and technical college system by partnering with business, industry, and labor sectors to identify workforce needs and provide resources. The Center is a convener of education and industry subject matter experts who identify critical knowledge, skills and abilities for existing and emerging occupations. These activities ensure students are career ready, helping Washington state maintain its competitive workforce advantage.

Through a robust website, CCE provides resources for advancing education and workforce:

Core Focus Areas:

  • Economic Development Focus: Serve as partners with various state and local agencies, regional, national, and global organizations to support economic vitality and competitiveness in Washington’s driver industries.
  • Industry Sector Strategy Focus: Collaboratively build, expand and leverage industry, labor and community and technical college partnerships to support and promote responsive, rigorous, and relevant workforce education and training.
  • Education, Innovation and Efficiency Focus: Leverage resources and educational partnerships to create efficiencies and support development of curriculum and innovative delivery of educational strategies to build a diverse and competitive workforce.
  • Workforce Supply/Demand Focus: Research, analyze and disseminate information related to training capacity, skill gaps, trends, and best practices within each industry sector to support a viable new and incumbent workforce.

We are pleased to be a member of the Workforce Development Committee and support the work of ABC. Wendy Novak represents ABC as a member of the Construction Center of Excellence Advisory Board.

To learn more, contact Kristi Grassman, Director of the Construction Center of Excellence, at

Workforce Foundation's mission is to empower justice-impacted people to live a life they choose. They provide individualized community support to ensure those exiting incarceration have the tools necessary to obtain employment. These tools consist of employment assistance, mentoring and coaching, and education.

Over the past year, Workforce Foundation has created a business mentorship program focused in cosmetology for women exiting incarceration. They have partnered with Community Passageways to support at-risk youth, and using a peer to peer model has proven effective in not only building relationships, but highlighting the knowledge those with lived experience can pass on.

Workforce Foundation is looking to support the construction industry and ABC members in employing individuals that are interested in a career in construction.

If you would like to learn more about the Workforce Foundation or are interested in hiring, contact Karen Chung at They also have a job board which can be found at