Rising Leaders


Rising Leaders is a program developed to help your company's current and future leaders take their careers to the next level.

Participants will meet bi-weekly on Thursdays starting June 29th from 3:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m..

Sessions will alternate between in-person sessions at the ABC, Bellevue Office, and virtual sessions on Thursdays.

Great leaders save you time, money, and worry by leading with knowledge and confidence.

The program will take place over six months and cover the following topics:

  • Leading Yourself
  • Leading Your Team
  • Managing External Stakeholders
  • Understanding Business Basics
  • Planning For The Future

Program Requirements

10 of the 12 sessions must be attended to graduate from The Rising Leader Program.

Virtual attendance requires a computer or phone with a microphone and camera.

Optional: Continue your growth as a leader by participating in ABC's once-monthly Franklin Covey Peer Group with like-minded individuals. The Franklin Covey Peer Group meets virtually for one hour each month and focuses on Franklin Covey's 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

*The cost for the Franklin Covey Peer Group is not included in the Rising Leaders registration.


Developing Your Leadership Mindset  
In Person | June 29

It’s often the top performers that get promoted into leadership positions. Expertise is great, but leadership requires a generalist approach and the ability to step back and allow others to execute. This is more challenging than many anticipate. In this module, we will focus on the foundations of leadership and the key changes you will need to make within yourself to succeed through others.


  • Understand the mindset shifts you’ll need to make to embrace leadership
  • Identify your current leadership style
  • Determine what type of leader you would like to be and the steps you’ll need to take to get there

Time Management & Prioritization  
Virtual | July 13

There’s no such thing as a completed to-do list for most leaders. There will always be more you can improve when it comes to people, time, cost, and quality. How you use your time – and that of others – can play a big role in setting you apart. In this module we will focus on the ‘why’ and the ‘how’ of effectively using your time with intention.


  • Understand how to manage your time AND intention, and the tools available for you to do this
  • Appreciate the importance of prioritization and how to utilize the ‘Urgent & Important’ matrix to plan your week
  • Identify your ‘time wasters’ and strategies to address this
  • Understand how to run effective meetings

Health & Wellbeing For Leaders: What is it and why does it matter?
In Person | July 27

To be an effective leader, you must be able to manage yourself first. While some stress is good, too much can diminish your leadership and personal enjoyment in the workplace. Not making time for yourself is a false economy, but is a common trap leaders fall into. Do not let this be you! In this module, we will be uncovering why health and well-being are so important and the unique ways you will each need to take care of yourself.


  • Understand how stress manifests for leaders and the link between performance and wellbeing
  • Develop a ‘well-being plan’ to ensure physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing
  • Identify additional well-being steps required for leaders



Understanding Your Team & Building Their Trust
Virtual | August 10

Managing a team is not for the faint of heart. Each individual is unique and this will require you to adapt your approach depending on their character and your time in the role. A focus on building trust with your team will increase the pace at which your team moves from ‘forming’ to ‘performing.’ In this module, we will focus on how to build a team, manage different characters, and build their trust.


  • Understand the different stages of team development, types of characters on your team, and strategies for managing them
  • Identify strategies for building team norms
  • Appreciate why trust is the ultimate foundation for your success
  • Learn how to utilize a model for building and regaining trust

Effective Communication
In Person | August 24

Failure to communicate effectively is often the root cause of workplace incidents – whether they involve people, products, or services. Planning your message and adapting your style are important tools for any leader. In this module, we will focus on tools for effective communication, with whomever you’re dealing with in the workplace.


  • Understand how verbal and non-verbal communication affect your impact in the workplace.
  • Appreciate how the best leaders 'lead with hearing'
  • Determine how to communicate with people with different behavioral styles.
  • Identify considerations when communicating ‘upwards’

Delegation, Expectations & Accountability
Virtual | September 7

Effective delegation can both propel you forward as a leader and develop the skillset of your team. It can be uncomfortable to let go of the reins, but by effectively setting expectations of others and holding people accountable.


  • Overcome your objections to delegation
  • Understand how to delegate effectively
  • Learn how to effectively set expectations, so you get ‘what you think' you asked for
  • Appreciate the importance of accountability and how to hold both yourself and others accountable

Providing Feedback & Coaching Others
In Person | September 21

Many say that ‘feedback is a gift’ but a surprisingly high percentage of leaders dread both giving and receiving feedback. Done well, feedback can both enhance the trust in your team and enhance their professional growth. As your team members grow, coaching can then become a powerful tool for them to develop their leadership muscles. In this module, we will be focusing on ways you can give feedback more effectively and understand when and how to transition to a coaching conversation.


  • Overcome your ‘feedback fears’
  • Learn a model for providing effective feedback – and practice it!
  • Strategies for handling resistance to feedback
  • Understand the difference between feedback and coaching
  • How to turn your feedback into a coaching conversation

Conflict Resolution & Managing Difficult Emotions
Virtual | October 5

Tension in the workplace is inevitable… and sometimes disagreeing can be good for business! Management of conflict and handling emotions is essential to ensuring an effective outcome and ensuring the future health of your team. In this module, we will focus on ways to resolve conflict and deal with emotions that may show up – in both the team and yourself.


  • Understand different types of conflict in the workplace
  • Learn strategies and tools to manage conflict
  • Appreciate how emotions affect the workplace – both the negative AND the positive
  • Learn tools for managing emotions in yourself and others



Negotiation Skills
In Person | October 19

Whatever your role, the ability to negotiate is an important skill for any manager. You require it with your team, your leadership, your customers, and your suppliers. In this module, we will focus on the basics of negotiation and how to start practicing it in everyday situations.


  • Learn some of the basic principles of negotiation
  • Understand different negotiating styles – and identify your own!
  • Develop an understanding of your negotiation strengths, weaknesses, and biases
  • Identify informal and formal workplace negotiation situations and how to respond

Negotiation and Conflict Resolution With Customers & Suppliers
Virtual | November 2

While you may not be responsible for negotiating contracts, your day-to-day activities will no doubt be affected by them. It is important that leaders understand what has been negotiated so they can manage the inevitable deviations and conflicts. In this module, we will be focusing on things to consider when handling challenging situations with customers and suppliers.


  • Identify additional considerations when negotiating with customers or suppliers
  • Learn ways to ensure there are ‘no losers’ through the power of compromise
  • Recognize situations where you will need to hold your ground.
  • How to manage frustrated suppliers or customers

Understanding Business Basics: The Importance of Finance and PR
In Person | November 16

You might not be in finance or marketing, but you will likely have more influence on these areas than you realize. Your day-to-day decisions and actions can have consequences for the future of the business, and decisions need to be taken with this in mind. In this module, we will focus on the basics around finance and PR that matter to business owners and how you can utilize this knowledge to enhance the company’s success.


  • Understand the financial metrics that matter to business owners
  • Appreciate how the decisions you make impact the bottom line of the business
  • Recognize the link between PR and a healthy business future
  • How to get your team to care about finance and PR

Planning For The Future: Grow Yourself, Grow Your Team
Virtual | November 30

Among the day-to-day hustle and bustle, it can be easy to lose sight of the bigger picture. You may have your own goals, but a goal without a plan is just a wish. When we get clear on the future that we want for ourselves and others, create development opportunities, and link how our actions today can create a more successful future it can be highly motivating for both leaders and their teams.


  • Get clear on your ‘why’ and your long-term goals
  • Determine a plan of experiences, training, and mentoring that will take you to the next level
  • Understand where to focus your time and energy when it comes to developing team members
  • Identify ways to support your team to grow

ABC of Western Washington's Rising Leader program will be led by Fiona McKay of McKay Unlimited.

Fiona McKay is a recognized expert in professional and personal transformation. A highly sought-after coach, trainer, and keynote speaker, Fiona inspires and guides leaders to embrace bravery, boldness, and big change to create the world they want for themselves and others." Fiona is a valuable asset and we look forward to her participation in the Rising Leader program to continue to bring top-notch resources to our members.


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