Impacting State Elections with Grassroots Efforts

Supporting Candidates Who Support You

Our comprehensive grassroots program encourages members to be actively engaged and educated on the political environment of our state. Our Government and Labor Affairs team votes on a targeted campaign strategy with the use of PAC funds to support pro-business and free enterprise candidates with our respected lobbying team. 

The council's highest priority is electing leaders who won't put big tax increases on the backs of businesses, regardless of party affiliation, and we are proud of our successes in promoting business in Washington State.  

Legislative Action 

ABC of Western Washington's members take an active role in ABC's legislative and political process by staying informed about policy issues affecting Merit Shop contractors, impacting legislation in Olympia and staying connected with their peers in the merit shop industry. 

Members are also proactive in Washington State elections by focusing time and energy into ABC endorsed candidates to ensure that we continue to elect pro-business and pro-merit candidates to the benefit of our members and our state. 

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To join the action, contact Wendy Novak at ABC at 800.640.7789.